Barber Hill Substation

This page is a resource page for Barber Hill residents who are experiencing an issue with noise from the Eversource substation.

My message to the residents of Barbor Hill:

Residents of Barber Hill,



The neighbors of the Barber Hill Electrical Substation have experienced significant noise problems since the recent transformer upgrade. Eversource has accepted responsibility for excessive noise that is above both the State Noise Regulations and the Town of South Windsor Noise Ordinance. The Sound Assessment study (dated 10/14/16) complete with mitigation options is attached. Eversource provided the Town and residents neighboring the substation with an Eversource Phase 2 Mitigation Action Plan on 10/18/16, also attached. The Phase 2 plan outlines a short term and long term approach complete with time lines.


There will be a meeting in January of 2017 at Town Hall to review Eversource’s progress.  The time and date will be both on my web site and on the Town of South Windsor Web Site.


As events unfold I will keep you apprised of any information that may come forward.


Mayor Tom Delnicki