Bills For Veterans That I Co-Sponsored

Here are some of the Veteran Bills that I Co-Sponsored in my first term. The ones with “Public Act” are bills that passed and became Law

Public Act 18-47/ SB 284 An Act which expanded treatment coverage for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma

SB 289 which preserved the Sgt John L. Levitow Veterans Healthcare Center as a licensed chronic disease hospital, the State abandoned this risky proposal

Public Act 17-137 / HB7102 an Act protecting the personal information of members of the Armed Forces and Veterans

Public Act 17-189 / HB 7100 an Act allowing municipalities to extend property tax exemptions to veterans that don’t qualify for some existing exemptions

Public Act 18-102 / HB 5239 An Act that allows municipalities that provide additional optional veterans’ property tax exemptions to raise the income eligibility

HB 7181 an act to preserve Military Honors for deceased veterans, the State rethought the proposed cut after Tom’s testimony

Public Act 18-21 HB 5230 An Act Honoring Connecticut National Guard Medal of Honor Recipients

Public Act 17-196 / HB 7176 An Act Creating a Military Recrutment Ribbon