CWC’s Water Drop Challenge Saves 9 Million Gallons of Water through Mid-Year

Vector image of a water drop with a landscape

I got this message from CT Water the other day:


Connecticut Water’s innovative Water Drop Challenge (WDC) that was launched last January has resulted in a savings of nearly 9 million gallons of water in the first half of 2016! The WDC is a voluntary water conservation program that provides a financial incentive for Connecticut Water customers who enrolled in the program and meet the targeted annual reduction in water use.

Nearly 5,000 Connecticut Water customers signed-up to be in the WDC and accepted the challenge to reduce their 2016 water usage by 10% or more when compared to 2015.

What we didn’t know when we launched this program was the particular benefit this year as Connecticut is experiencing moderate  to severe drought conditions this summer and we are asking all of our customers to be more mindful of their water use. The customers achieving their goal in the Water Drop Challenge are changing their usage and habits to provide sustained water savings rather than one time changes in response to weather conditions.  The 9 million gallons of water saved so far are enough to fill 1,500 water tankers that if parked end-to-end would stretch more than 14 miles!

Each month, participants in the Water Drop Challenge get an e-mail from Connecticut Water with water conservation tips that they can use inside and outside the home.

Despite recent rainfall, most of Connecticut continues to experience moderate to severe drought conditions across the state. The voluntary conservation request issued by the Company last month remains in place.
Connecticut Water has tips on how to conserve water at its website: