Delnicki, South Windsor Police Officer Caleb Lopez Testify in Support to Proposed Senate Bill 380

In an effort to support CT Law Enforcement, State Representative Tom Delnicki joined South Windsor Police Office Caleb Lopez in testifying in support of Proposed Senate Bill 380 at a public hearing held on Monday, February 11, 2019 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Proposed Senate Bill 380, An Act Concerning Mental Health And Wellness Training And Suicide Prevention For Law Enforcement Officers would promote mental health and wellness training and suicide prevention for law enforcement officers in the state.

“I am here for my constituents and to stand by our law enforcement officials,” said Delnicki. “This proposal ensures that law enforcement is protected after they voluntarily seek help, and makes sure that their livelihood cannot be jeopardized as a result of them reaching out for assistance with mental health.”

At the public hearing Officer Lopez said, “Having a mental health crisis is not a reason to terminate a career or to believe an officer cannot do their job or is a danger. It simply shows that even though we know what’s at risk we still do the job to protect and serve. And though some may feel we signed up for the job we do and thus should be immune to the mental health traumas it may cause, the reality is far from it. We should not feel fear or shame of admitting that we are hurt, and we should be able to seek help and know where to go.”