More On Tolls

People have asked me about Tolls on our Limited Access Highways…

Here is some information on the various studies that have been done to date and what’s going on in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The State has spent quite a lot of money for numerous Toll Studies. I have included several of them, including I-84 Hartford to NY Border, I 95 New Haven to the New York Border and The Merritt Parkway, New Haven, to the New York Border. Take a look at them as they include locations, toll costs and toll collection.

In 2017 I attended a briefing with the DOT Commissioner James Redeker on tolling. He stated that his goal was to raise a Billion Dollars per year by tolling every Interstate and Intrastate limited access highway. He estimated it would take 72 toll gantries and he named off every highway in our state as a candidate for tolling.

This year’s session had a proposed bill for a comprehensive study that was to cover exactly what the Governor’s Executive order specified at half the cost ( $ 5 Million) of the Governor’s proposal. It would have looked at every limited access highway, Interstate and Intrastate for tolling. You have to wonder why the Governors study is twice the price ( $10 Million) of the one proposed by the legislature. During the 2018 session neither the Speaker of the House or President Pro Temp of the Senate brought this bill out for a vote.

As for Massachusetts, the Mass Pike, is 138 miles long with16 tolls or one toll every 8.6 miles and the Mass Pike has never used Federal Funds for maintenance or construction. I – 91, I -190, I-93, I -95, I-290,I -395, are NOT tolled.

As for Rhode Island, They have a “Truck Only” toll at a couple of locations and they are in court over their installation. Please see the links below on the Law Suits that have been filed

Please check the links below to various studies that have already been done. If the Governor or Legislature wanted to do a trial program on tolling the studies have been done and we don’t need another 10 Million Dollar study for that.

Studies Already done by the State on Tolls

I 95 / Merritt congestion study – executive summary – see page 6 for toll locations

I – 84 congestion tolling – executive summary – see figure ES-6 for toll locations

1-84 congestion tolling study – Complete Study

1-95 / Merritt congestion tolling study – Complete Study

Can we have only Tolls at the border

West Cog Study

OLR Report – “ Questions about tolling in CT “