Portable Gantry Mystery

Last week, I heard from several people about a “Portable Gantry” on the west bound entrance ramp to I-84 at the Deming and Avery Intersection. The question I heard repeatedly was: “is this a test of tolling equipment?”

I went looking for it on Tuesday and found it. Much to my surprise it looked like something that could be used to test tolling. As I passed under it, a flash of a camera went off behind me. I went back Wednesday to take a closer look and it was gone!

As luck would have it, Friday night it was back and a crew was working on it. I stopped to find out what it was. The crew was from Tennessee and it is a vehicular emissions testing system!

These findings have now led to a few more questions: What is done with the data that is collected, in particular license plate numbers and other data that can directly identify you? So far, I’ve found out that this was part of an EPA testing protocol, one done every two or so years. I have also been told that license plate data isn’t being saved, however, I am looking further into this, as I want to make sure that our residents privacy is protected.

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